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Cory Dziowgo Attends GabCon 2021

Posted Date: 06/21/2021

Cory Dziowgo Attends GabCon 2021

Cory Dziowgo, Superintendent of Platte #1, attended the Gabbart Communications annual conference June 13-15 in Durant, OK. This conference was designed to work with all Gabbart Communications users and showcase the possibilities that are available. Cory operates the WASA Website for the members and utilizes many of their features. There are some great resources coming out this year and you will see an update to the WASA website in order to capitalize on the new functionalities.

One of the great things that Gabbart focuses on is the feeling of family. They understand that their company needs to embrace their users into their family and they return that mentality to others. The conference was filled with various activities for the attendees and their families to partake in while at the conference. One of the nights’ activities included a bowling and arcade night in conjunction with an 80’s themed costume contest. Mr. Dziowgo attended with his family and enjoyed the evening to hang out as a family as well as with the Gabbart Family.

Dziowgo Family and Gabbart Executives

Gabbart Communications is a great company that prides itself on customer service. Please be on the lookout for updates to the WASA website as well as other opportunities to join the Gabbart Family.

Pictured at Left: Gabbart Executives along with the Dziowgo Family





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