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President's Message

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Wyoming Association of School Administrators (WASA).  We are dedicated to providing and supporting educational leadership and public school advocacy throughout the state.   

While there is little debate about the value of a quality education to both individuals and the democratic society in which we live,  significant debate continues regarding the purpose of that education. Where public education was once viewed as a critical common good necessary for building and sustaining a democratic society, that purpose seems to have been superseded by a narrower interpretation of its value as a driver of international economic competitiveness.   

While legislators, educators and stakeholders in Wyoming debate the necessary “basket of goods” required to achieve one or both of these desired outcomes, I think it’s important that we take some time to understand that without certain essential underlying conditions , neither can be effectively achieved.   Every school and district in Wyoming needs and deserves:  1) safe and secure schools, 2) a stable funding source from which to operate, and 3) a Board of Trustees empowered to customize the “basket of goods” and its delivery to meet the needs of their students.  From this foundational commitment, anything and everything is possible for the students of Wyoming.

Educational leadership has never been more challenging; it has also never been more important.   

In order to achieve our mission at the highest level, I would encourage our members to get involved in WASA and AASA.  Attending our regional, state and national meetings will provide you with opportunities for professional development, networking, and fellowship.  Best wishes on a great year!