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WASA Women Leaders Series: Shannon Harris

Posted Date: 03/21/2023

WASA Women Leaders Series: Shannon Harris

WASA Women Leaders Series: Shannon Harris

Sublette County School District #1

The Wyoming Association of School Administrators would like to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the impactful women leaders that we have in our association. Our association is proud of their many accomplishments and we wanted to share a bit about them with you.

Harris DogsShannon Harris is in her second year at Sublette #1 and is making an impact right out of the gates! She is most proud of her recent additions of literacy specialists to assist with the needs of her students in grades PK-12. “I believe literacy skills are imperative for studetns’ success and I am excited that we have been able to add resources and supports for our students.” One of her outlooks on the role of a superintendent is to take each and every day as an opportunity to improve the outcomes for students and staff. “I hope we always put students first and continue to make Wyoming the best place int he country to learn and work. This is a great place even on our hardest days!”

Shannon has valued the many relationships that she has made through the WASA. “I have truly appreciated the welcome and support I have received since joining the Superintendent ranks. I know support and good advice is a phone call, text, or email away.” When Shannon isn’t discussing work with her colleagues, you can find her outside with her animals. her time is also filled up with her family, including her grand cat!

Reading is an important part of her life as you can witness with her initiatives in Sublette #1 and enjoys spending time reading when she cannot sleep. Her latest recreational read was The Whittiers by Danielle Steele. If she wasn’t an oustanding superintendent, she would probably be an amazing librarian as she enjoys helping people find books that they would enjoy.

Thank you Shannon for all of your insights and guidance that you provide your colleagues, communities and the State of Wyoming. You are a true champion for education!