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WASA Women Leaders Series: Teresa Chaulk

Posted Date: 03/20/2023

WASA Women Leaders Series: Teresa Chaulk

Lincoln County School District #1

The Wyoming Association of School Administrators would like to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the impactful women leaders that we have in our association. Our association is proud of their many accomplishments and we wanted to share a bit about them with you.

Teresa and KidsTeresa Chaulk has been with Lincoln County School District #1 for 25 years and has served as their superintendent for the past 16 years and she is moving the needle for the district. She has served many roles while employed as superintendent, including their Business Manager and Special Education Director. This doesn’t leave much free time for Teresa, but she manages to fill that time.

You can find Teresa lending a helping hand to whomever needs it. She also takes time for her self as she enjoys the physical fitness activities that she partakes in, especailly in the outdoors. Her family means a great deal to her so anytime that she can spend with them, she makes the most of it!

You can find Teresa involved in the WASA by completing whatever is necessary for the group, especially when it comes to supporting and coaching others. One of her colleagues stated, “If you ever need anything from Teresa...Anything, she is there for you no matter what.”  Teresa has presented to her colleagues at the Spring Conference on coaching and being the best model of yourself possible.

Thank you, Teresa Chaulk, for your friendship to many of your colleagues and your understanding of doing what it takes for students. You are a true champion for education!