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WASA Women Leaders Series: Dr. Paige Fenton Hughes

Posted Date: 03/17/2023

WASA Women Leaders Series: Dr. Paige Fenton Hughes

Converse County School District #1

The Wyoming Association of School Administrators would like to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the impactful women leaders that we have in our association. Our association is proud of their many accomplishments and we wanted to share a bit about them with you.

Paige and her sonDr. Fenton Hughes has been with Converse #1 for the past six years as their superintendent. During this time, her district has received a great award thanks to her guidance and leadership. “As a result of our most recent accreditation visit, being named a System of Distinction by Cognia. We were one of 38 across the globe for this award.” What a great accomplishment!

Paige keep her focus on two critical aspects while she is leading her district. “Love your kids and love your staff...and keep your focus on these two things.” This is a great perspective to keep when the time gets rough. The WASA also provides her with friendship and support.

When Paige isn’t in classrooms or at one her various superintendent commitments, you can find her spending her time with her family. She makes the time to chase her grandkids and son’s activities throughout the area. She is also hopful to get through the latest Grisham book over spring break.

“I feel blessed to be the superintendent of Converse 1 with our amazing kids, top-notch admin team, dedicated staff, supportive community, and excellent board. I’m a lucky girl!”

Thank you Paige for all of your guidance, leadership, and strength that you provide our association. You are a true champion for your community, your staff, and all of Wyoming!

Paige and her family