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WASA Women Leaders Series: Dr. Margaret Crespo

Posted Date: 03/13/2023

WASA Women Leaders Series: Dr. Margaret Crespo

Laramie County School District #1

The Wyoming Association of School Administrators would like to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the impactful women leaders that we have in our association. Our association is proud of their many accomplishments and we wanted to share a bit about them with you.

Dr. Crespo and her horseDr. Margaret Crespo is in her second year as superintendent of Laramie County School District #1 in Cheyenne, WY. Upon her arrival, she has been able to work though and implement an impressive Strategic Plan for the district. The many viewpoints were gathered into the Strat Plan, as Dr. Crespo calls it, and allows for a laser-like focus on what is most important. Their motto of “Our Students. Their Future.” ensures that everything they do is focused on Student Readiness, Community Partnerships, and Healthy Environments. If you have a minute, check out their forward facing data dashboard to see the great things they they are accomplishing.

Throughout the career of Dr. Crespo there have been many rewarding moments accompanied wtih some challenges. “Leadership is hard..but so rewarding. It is about inspiratoin and empowerment.” The WASA allows for leaders to come together to enhance the education of our WY students and support our families.

If Margaret isn’t in a classroom or her office, you can probably find her spending time with her family and her horses. She also like to spend some time with coahing others and supporting other women in leadership. 

She also runs an empowerment horse ranch for kids and people in need of empowerment and this would be her fulltime job if not in her current leadership role. “Watching kids interact and engage with horses is life changing.”

Thank you Dr. Crespo for all of your constant dedication to your students and colleagues of Wyoming. You are an effective leader and we appreciate your numerous contributions.