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WASA Women Leaders: Dr. Gillian Chapman

Posted Date: 03/09/2023

WASA Women Leaders Series: Dr. Gillian Chapman

Teton County School District #1

The Wyoming Association of School Administrators would like to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on the impactful women leaders that we have in our association. Our association is proud of their many accomplishments and we wanted to share a bit about them with you.

Dr. Gillian Chapman has been the superintendent of Teton County School Distrcit #1 for the past 8 years. During this time she has been able to guide her district to create a school system with a common vision instead of siloe schools and staff. The support and vision of her Board has moved this process into a reality, thus increasing student achievement to an all time high! One of the visible outcomes is the persistent achievement of the EL students in her district.Chapman on moped

Some of her favorite hobbies and interests include running, skiing, traveling, hiking, and paddle boarding. All of these activities help her find a balance between her work and her personal life. Dr. Chapman is known for setting boundaries and ensuring that she has the proper balance between the two aspects of her life. She also finds great support in her colleagues in the WASA. When asked what the WASA means to her, she responded, “Colleagues that push me to be better and teach me how to be a better leader. There is always a hand out there to pull you along or pick you up.”

When Dr. Chapman isn’t hitting the slopes around Jackson in the winter, you can find her riding around on her vintage moto or her Vespa. I am sure her students, staff, and community get a kick out of seeing her cruising the main drag of Jackson!

If Dr. Chapman wasn’t a superintendent in our state, she feels that she would be a lawyer. Not because of her persuasive powers, but from all of the tips and tricks that she has absorbed from them over the years.

Thank you Dr. Chapman for all of your guidance, leadership, and strength that you provide our association. You are a true champion for education!